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Tours in Lviv

Lviv is a legendary city. It is more than 750 years old. Those who visited it at least once they know that Lviv speaks for itself more than the written descriptions. The city is an open-air museum where the most cherished dreams come true. Every street is a living legend owing to which the futuristic modernity has the spirit of history. 


The tour covers the most interesting objects of Market square including the visits to Pharmacy-museum and Italian courtyard. The route will pass by the impressive Roman Catholic Cathedral and a splendid Boims Chapel.  The tourist will see the remnants of the city, learn interesting facts about local Jesuit monks and their buildings. The Shevska and Krakivska streets will bring you to the Armenian quarter, that always hide a lot of beautiful viewpoints and interesting stories.


The program consists of the tour itself and beer tasting in the beautiful spots of Lviv Old Town. You will visit the only one in Ukraine Brewery Museum in Lviv. The tour will cover the history of brewing from the earlier days of Ancient Egypt to today’s operation of the Lviv Brewery. The Museum features an interesting exhibition of Lviv beer bottles, wooden kegs, brewery equipment, etc. Visitors can also see a 10-minute film about Lviv and its brewing industry.


This route passes through streets and squares, yards and coffee houses. To relax with a cup of coffee in Lviv is a tribute to local tradition and a piece of local, purely Lviv, spirit. This Tour includes visiting of several local coffee houses (called kavyarnia) with tasting coffee and listening to the stories about the history of Lviv coffee, the coffee traditions and legendary Lviv coffee houses.


During the tour the guests visit the Market square - a true open air museum where any house looks like a petrified music. The romantic Italian courtyard will add a scent of romance to a delightful walk through the narrow streets of Old Town. The route will pass through mysterious and enigmatic Armenian quarter with its splendid Armenian Cathedral and the remnants of old Armenian cemetery. The tour will also display the beautiful complexes of Dominican Church and Orthodox Church of Assumption.


Lviv historically had a large and active Jewish community. Until 1941 at least 90 big synagogues and prayer houses existed. There were more than 120 thousand Jews in Lviv until the Great World War.

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