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Weather in Lviv

погода Lviv прогноз погоды

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The festival takes place in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Tourist route R63 geographically reproduces the route of Josef Schweik, the hero of the novel by Jaroslav Hasek.
Date: May


Tustan comes to life once a year. The fortress life swirls with the proud Ruthenians and beautiful Ruthenian girls. The swords clank, arrows whistle, horses leap, blacksmiths and potters work, merchants sell overseas goods, heady music sounds, dancing and singing everywhere. <more>
Date: August


Music, vision and memory are performed on the defensive forts of the World War One. The best Ukrainian and Polish rock bands, jazz musicians and DJs perform there. The alternative history of visual art, installations and performances develop here as well. The canon of the Eastern European literature changes there completely.


Modern Ukrainian folk music is performed in the background of the incredibly beautiful nature, ancient monastery and the whole energetic landscape of the Northern Podillya.

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