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Weather in Lviv

погода Lviv прогноз погоды

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Active Tourism

Mount Parashka is located in the Skolivski Beskydy National Nature Park (1,268 meters above sea level). The Velyka Richka River originates at the foot of Mount Parashka. The Opir and Stryi Rivers flow near the Mount as well. Gurkalo is a known waterfall on the River Velyka Richka. The slopes of Mount Parashka are covered with coniferous forests which include beeches and birches. Herbage diversity consists of many rare plants.


Stryj River rafting in the Ukrainian Carpathians is an astonishing, intense, action-packed white-water rafting adventure just two hours south of Lviv. Join our two-day trip that includes meals, transfer and camping.

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