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Genealogical Services

Historical events left many traces on the fortunes of nations. Towns and rural archives, register offices, cemetery books include whole abundance of information about the world, which almost entirely perished in the flames of World War, Holocaust and many other tragic occurences. Discovering complicated lots of our past generations is crucial in building our personal identity. The history teaches us how to avoid the previously made mistakes, helps us predict future and understand ourselves. Finding the roots of our own families enables us to make use of the life wisdom, accumulated by our ancestors in order to pass it on for the next generations. Results of such search and visits to particular towns or villages often help you to re-establish the connection with life and territory of your fathers. 
Genealogical Assistance on your visit to Western Ukraine
During field research travels you have an opportunity to see and explore exceptional towns and villages, their ambience and people. In many places not too many things were changed in the course of XX century. We always plan the itineraries in advance so during such filed research our guide shows you the most interesting historical or natural sites in the researched region.
If you search for your lost roots in Ukraine or plan to visit a village or town of your predecessors in the Ukrainian part of Galicia as part of your genealogical research, we can help you organize your trip by booking hotels, providing transportation and the knowledgeable English, Ukrainian and Polish speaking interpreter who can assist in finding your possible relatives and act as an interpreter in communicating with the local people, archives and government in the area who may have knowledge or records of your relatives. Atlas Company can help you locate and contact the state archives in Ukraine and assist in filling out genealogical applications at archives and civil registry offices.
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