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Weather in Lviv

погода Lviv прогноз погоды

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About us

Dear Guest!
We appreciate your interest to our Country, to our city of Lviv and to our company ATLAS Tour.
We highly appreciate your time and would like to propose our services to make your trip to Lviv comfortable, convenient, incredible, and enjoyable.
Our priorities are: a high level of travel security, the comfort of our guests, and a high quality and wide range of tour services. All our Guests are VIP Guests.
Package of our services includes:

  •     providing travel advice for Ukraine;
  •     reservation of the accommodation;
  •     meeting at the airport (bus; railway station) and transfer to the destination place;
  •     all kinds of tours in Lviv and around;
  •     private guide/interpreter services
  •     railway tickets in Ukraine
  •     booking of the Opera House tickets;
  •     rent a car;
  •     making photos for you during your trip;
  •     organizing of the genealogy tours and research;
  •     take care about your journey all over Ukraine;
  •     the letter of invitation for Ukrainian Visa;
  •     organization of business meetings;
  •     assistance for private matters.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with pleasure.

Open Lviv for you! Trust us !
Thank you for your choice !!!