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"Golden Horseshoe"

"GOLDEN HORSESHOE" is an unforgettable trip through castles and fortification building of Lviv region. You will visit Olesko Castle-which was a warrior, defending its independence; and a prisoner, the kings were competing for; it was a splendid palace and king’s residence with magnificence and extravagance; it was a mutineer fighting for its rescuer. Also, you will visit Pidgirtsi Castle -one of the best European samples of Renaissance style with bastion fortifications and Zolochiv Castle, erected in baroque style in XVI-XVII cc. like a citadel with bastions.  

Olesko Castle is a fascinating attraction to visit; you will be amazed at the rich history of this structure. Dating back to the XIIIth and XVIIIth century, the Olesko Castle is a historical architectural attraction. It served primarily as a protective fortress during the XVth and XVIIIth century. Now it serves as an exhibition site for the Lviv Gallery of Arts. The museum possesses paintings, sculptures and works of art from the Xth to the XVIIIth century. Surrounding the Castle you will see beautiful park with amazing sculptures and a lovely pond in the garden. Olesko Castle has become a noteworthy centre of education for the people and it is worth coming to visit to experience its rich culture. <more>

Pidgirtsi Castle  - is one of the best European samples of Renaissance style with bastion fortifications.  The castle was built under supervision of great famous architectures Andre del Aqua and Gilyom le Vasser de Beauplan in 1635-1640 in order of the crowned hetman Stanislaw Koniecpolskiy, one of the biggest magnates of Rzech Pospolita. The orchestra music concerts, the balls, the military parades, fireworks were held in the castle during months. The castle was famous for its elegant interiors, rich art collections and numerical library. The castle’s ensemble includes palace, circled with bastion fortifications, ramparts and rows; and baroque castle of XVIII c. Today Pidgirtsi Castle is the branch of Lviv Art Gallery.<more>

Zolochiv Castle  Zolochiv – is a nice small town. In one’s time this town plaid a great role in the foundation of Ukrainian country, guarded its boundaries and protected from the enemies. The historical monuments: St. Nicolas Church of XIV c. and Church of Resurrection of XVII c. are the witnesses of the town’s long history. The Ascension Cathedral of XVIII c. belongs to the buildings of Galician Renaissance architecture.  
The town is famous for its unique masterpiece of defense architecture - Zolochiv Castle, erected in baroque style in XVI-XVII cc. like a citadel with bastions.  Sobiesky and Radzyvil families owned the Castle. Today the Castle belongs to  Lviv  Art  Gallery. Interesting for viewing are the Great and Chinese palaces in the Castle’s courtyard.  <more>

Duration -8 Hours
Price -149 EUR per tour (1-3 pers. giude&car), 249 EUR (4-17 pers. guide&van)
Additionally:  entrance fees - 5 EUR