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“Coffee, Chocolate and Love…” (Walking Tour)

This route passes through streets and squares, yards and coffee houses. To relax with a cup of coffee in Lviv is a tribute to local tradition and a piece of local, purely Lviv, spirit. This Tour includes visiting of several local coffee houses (called kavyarnia) with tasting coffee and listening to the stories about the history of Lviv coffee, the coffee traditions and legendary Lviv coffee houses. During the excursion you'll have the unique opportunity to hear about the love story of Lviv Romeo and Juliet, about life of Leopold von Zacher-Mazoch in Lviv and also you will see the place where covered by darkness, young people met. We invite you to spend the most romantic days in Lviv  and make them more sweet tasting Lviv chocolate in Chocolate Workhouse and hot delicious coffee in Lviv coffee-houses .
Duration: 3 hours;
Price: 49 Euro
The tour price does not include the cost of drinks