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Carpathian Landscapes

Spectacular waterfall Kamyanka will fascinate you with its great music. You will see the fortress town of the 9th c. Tustan, unique in Europe. And beautiful mountain nature, hills covered with legends which are located on the marvelous landscapes are on the way of this very beautiful mountain country.
The rock complex of Tustan is situated near the present village of Urych, in the foothills of Ukrainian Carpathians, at 500 to 900 m above sea level. Tustan is a natural and architectural landmark of National significance, unique in Europe. Visitors to Urych must surely admire the stately and chimerical rocks, proudly bearing traces of the ancient times, and the caves and grottos. Standing here, one can try to estimate the size of the former Fortress, and at the same time pay tribute to the genius of the Rus masters who built it. < more> After that we will take a ski lift to admire the beautiful landscapes of evergreen coniferous forests on the mountain slopes which are a feast for the eye and favour the great rest and health improvement.  
Duration -8 Hours
Price -149 EUR per tour (1-3 pers. giude&car), 249 EUR (4-17 pers. guide&van)
Additionally:  entrance fees - 5 EUR